Duplication-Based DAG Scheduling

Glitch Minimization in FPGAs

Norms of Interval Matrices

On the Stable Marriage Problem

Public-Key Cryptography and the Subset Sum Problem

Network simulation

As part of the course on networking algorithms, we were due to experiment with the infamous discrete event simulator ns2. We were assigned 2 small projects, the first one being the simulation of some UDP and TCP exchanges, while the second focused on wireless traffic simulation. For the UDP/TCP simulation, the subject can be found here, along with my report and my source code. As for the wireless simulation assignment, here are the subject, with my report and my source code.

On the Road Coloring Problem

For our evaluation during the the M2 course Recent Topics in Graph Theory, we had to study a specific issue and realize a small survey on the matter, by summing up several research papers and detailling on or two technical points along the way. I devoted myself to the road coloring problem, which deals with edge coloring of a graph, the existence of a synchronizing word in a finite automaton, and cycles in a graph of relativeley prime lengths.

Parallel Oceanic Simulation with MPI

Part of the evaluation of our M1 course in Parallel Algorithm consisted in a small oceanic simulation project using MPI. The problem consists in a 2d grid populated by sharks and sardines, the evolution of which is regulated by local rules. The grid is then splitted into horizontal bands, each of them being treated in parallel in order to gain in efficiency compared to a sequential algorithm. The detailed subject can be found here (page 1 and page 2), along with my report and my source code.

Game of Life

This is a little project in Python I’ve done with the cheerful Julien Herrmann, as part of the Projet 1 course in L3. The subject can be found here (part 2 deals with the game of life). We did not have very fast and optimized algorithms you know, but the result is still pretty nice and relatively customizable. You can take a look at our report, or directly download the resulting game.

Minimalist web server

The last but not the least of my L3 projects was to create a simple yet functional HTTP web server, as part of the Architecture, système et réseaux 2 course. The original subject can be found here. You can read my report and download the source code for the program I’ve developed. I wouldn’t advise its use for your personal purpose, but you may still find it convenient as it is fast, scales well and can send pretty big files without any problems.