I try to release source code of my projects whenever possible. On this page you will find links to different software projects I have been involved in.


PolyFEM is a C++ software package for FEM simulation. It is polyvalent (hence the name) and research oriented. It contains the code for our SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 paper Decoupling Simulation Accuracy from Mesh Quality as well as our upcoming TOG paper Poly-Spline Finite Element Method.


The code for our SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 paper Structure and Appearance Optimization for Controllable Shape Design is available on github.


Since 2017, I participate actively in the development of the libigl library. I helped modernize the CMake build, set up a new website, and try to help with general issues. I also work on the OpenGL viewer and maintain the ImGui bindings.


Some of the work I did during my PhD thesis is available in IceSL, the modeling and slicing software developed by Sylvain Lefebvre and his team at INRIA Nancy. Most notably you will find there an implementation of the support structures from my SIGGRAPH 2014 paper Bridging the Gap: Automated Steady Scaffoldings for 3D Printing. (Binary only, no code yet sorry!)


A self-contained C++ implementation of MMA and GCMMA, two numerical optimization methods widely used in the field of shape and topology optimization. I extended an original C++ implementation of MMA by Niels Aage to the globally convergent variant GCMMA. This is a beta release and hasn’t been widely tested yet, but I’m working on it!


Small python utility to fetch bibliographic metadata from the Crossref database. Unfortunately the web API has changed a bit since I wrote this script for my PhD, so the search results are not as accurate as when I first wrote it, but maybe you’ll find it useful.