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(2017). Orthotropic k-nearest Foams for Additive Manufacturing. In SIGGRAPH.

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(2015). Structure and Appearance Optimization for Controllable Shape Design. In SIGGRAPH Asia.

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Research Interests

In addition to geometric modeling and digital fabrication, my main areas of interest are discrete mathematics, numerical optimization, and graph theory, especially when they are applied to other domains such as computer vision and computer graphics. I am also keen on practical programming problems (see my page about competitive programming), and I my formation covered a broad spectrum of CS topics: from lambda-calculus and numerical precision analysis to computer architecture and networking, parallel computing, etc.

PhD Thesis

The focus of my PhD thesis was on by-example shape generation for 3D printing. The goal was to develop new methods, inspired by recent advances in texture synthesis, and use them in the context of geometry synthesis with constraints imposed by the physical process of 3D printing. This research was developed as part of the ERC project Shapeforge. Some of the methods I have published during my PhD are now being integrated into IceSL, a free software developed in our team at INRIA to facilitate the modeling and slicing workflow for digital fabrication.

Finally, on the day preceding my PhD defense, we organized a workshop on fabrication and shape synthesis, with a cast of renowned speakers from different countries. You can find a detailed program as well as video recordings of the talks on the web page of the workshop.

Reviewing Activities

Over the past few years I have been participating in the reviewing process of the following journal and conferences:

  • 2015 - IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG)
  • 2015 - ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST)
  • 2016 - Eurographics Short Papers
  • 2016 - ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG)
  • 2017 - IPC for Eurographics Short Papers
  • 2017 - SIGGRAPH
  • 2017 - Computers & Graphics
  • 2017 - Program Committee for the Graphics Replicability Stamp Initiative
  • 2018 - IPC for Shape Modeling International
  • 2018 - IPC for Eurographics Short Papers