Sparse vectors

This is a little project in C I’ve done with the cheerful Julien Herrmann, as part of the Projet 1 course in L3.

The final result is more of a small library than a real software than does real things. The original purpose of this work was to implement two methods to manipulate sparse vectors (that is a 1-dimensional array with a lot of 0), either by using a linked list or an array with the indexes of the elements in the original vector. Both were quite easy to create, so we introduced a more sophisticated data structure that mixes lists and arrays. We lacked time to extend our work to bi-dimensional matrices (which is a shame, I know), but there are still some files in the source code that you may find interesting to browse.

Nevertheless, you can read our report (please keep in mind that we were still young and innocent). And you can of course check out the source files, let it be to play with vectors or matrices. Beware : the source for the sparse matrices is still a little buggy. But the library for sparse vectors is fine and you can use it as you please.